History of the Club

Mr. Dick Worrall and a group of 18 classic car enthusiasts gathered together regularly in 1979, to share their passion for older cars. The following year, they decided to organize the group as an affiliated club of the Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA).

The first Chairman of the Club, Mr. Roger Burkhill happened to be a committee member of the HKAA. The Club was eventually incorporated with limited liability by guarantee in 1989.

The Classic Car Club of Hong Kong is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote the collection and preservation of classic cars. Currently, the Club has over 600 members who collectively own 800+ cars. Its members meet regularly to share their love and experience through gatherings such as “Sunday Morning Drive”, “Noggin’ & Natter”, “Classic Car China Drive” and “Annual Classic Car Show”.

Over the years, the Club also supported a variety of public and charity activities. Its members have provided their beloved collections for holiday parades, promotion of road safety, charity fundraising, as well as visiting homes for the elderly and orphanages.

As a result, upon nomination by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, the Club has been honored once again by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as a “Care Organization”, an honour which has been bestowed every year since 2006, having been nominated by various charity organisations each year.

There are also times when we see classic cars roaring on racing circuits in Macau, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines. The powerful imagery shows a more dynamic aspect of the classic car.

The Club holds few major events for its members every year – the “Annual Classic Car Show” at Chater Road in autumn, when as many as 90+ precious and rare collections are put on display & the “Annual Luncheon” in spring, when members gather socially to vote for “Car of the Year” and “Member of the Year“. Each year, the Club organizes around 30 events for members to enjoy.

In addition to relationships with selected insurance companies that may provide coverage for members’ classic cars, the Club’s members are also able to get “Classic Car Movement Permit” from the Transport Department for their cars that are over 20 years old and not registered in Hong Kong.

Previously awarded the “Club Of The Year” by the South China Morning Post, any person interested in classic cars is welcome to join the Club’s growing membership, and to share the fun and contributions to the society.

在1979年,本會始創人Dick Worrall先生聯同十八位老爺車愛好者聚首一堂,交流保養老爺車心得,並在翌年成立了香港老爺車會,當時,老爺車會是香港汽車會(HKAA)的屬會,第一屆會長Roger Burkhill先生也是香港汽車會的委員之一,其後,在1989年註冊成為一間有限公司。








現時本會會員超越600之眾,各會員擁有由二十年代至八十年代各種型號老爺車達800+餘輛,並曾被南華早報評選為[Club of the Year]。歡迎各位喜愛老爺車的朋友加入本會,一起分享駕駛老爺車的樂趣,在推廣老爺車文化之餘,也為社會作出貢獻。