Chairman's Address

Dearest Members,

With humble pride I am addressing you all for the first time as the Chairman of this wonderful Club.

Although the Club remains as dedicated to the enjoyment of Classic Cars, as I am devoted to the Club, this new age promises many challenges.

Our fortieth anniversary Chater Road show was cancelled due to political unrest, and this year’s is also threatened by Covid-19.

However, we shall soldier on to promote Classic Cars as a means of transport, a bonding passion and a way of life.

I am most ably assisted by the most hard-working Executive Committee, many of whom you will no doubt already know.

My greatest achievement (so far) is Justin Lui accepting my invitation as Vice-Chairman. With his new ideas and limitless energy, we will bring the Club to new heights - Justin’s on-screen charisma and technological superpowers have launched him as a Youtube star in the world of Classic Cars, with his InstacarHK channel.

We are also making history by being the first Chairman+ViceChairman duo that has a combined age of under 100!

In addition to the Club’s charity work, our China drives, our wonderful club activities etc, I look forward to serving you, and to make you prouder of your Club than ever.

See you at our next event - till then, drive stylishly!


October 2020







到目前為止我最大的成就就是邀請到呂璟豪先生擔任本會的副主席。他作為InstacarHK YouTube老爺車頻道的主持會為本會帶來不同的新創意及動力。



主席:源曦 致意